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Bloomin Boutique Dresses kids for Success

PORTLAND, Ore (KOIN) — Bloomin’ Boutique is a non-profit serving children in the tri-county area by providing clothes to those who need them! Their organizer is also one of our previous years’ “Inspiring Women”, Patti Serres, who tells us all about upcoming events!

Everyday Heroes

It's a local non-profit organization helping underprivileged children be school-ready with brand-new gear. Patti Serres, Founder and Executive Director of Bloomin' Boutique, joined us to share how they give kids a "hand up" by providing new clothing, shoes, bedding and personal care items, empowering them to become confident, constructive members of our community.

Dr. Tracy Muday Dashes for Bloomin' Boutique | KGW Great Toy Drive

Executive Medical Director Dr. Tracy Muday had a group of elves help her as she dashed around a local Fred Meyer gathering toys for Bloomin' Boutique, a local nonprofit that provides clothes, shoes, personal care items and toys to local youth. Bloomin' Boutique is just one of more than 100 nonprofits participating in this year’s KGW-TV Great Toy Drive. Visit to learn more about how you can get involved.

Oregon City Worry Monsters

Two brothers in Oregon City are helping other kids sleep a little better at night thanks to Worry Monsters, which they created after one of them was having nightmares. More here:

With Ashley Howard

Local non-profit empowers underprivileged youth with new clothes, personal care.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Bloomin’ Boutique, a Portland-area non-profit, provides foster and underprivileged youth new clothing, bedding and personal care items in hopes of empowering them to become confidant, constructive members of their communities.

Remarkable woman Patti Serres is ‘love in action’

In an instant, Patti Serres makes you feel welcome. That same warmth greets children in need when they come to The Bloomin’ Boutique, the non-profit she started.

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