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Child Referrals

In an effort to provide for as many children as possible, our distribution is limited to three referral requests per child with a waiting period of at least 6 months between requests.

Bloomin' Boutique partners with child welfare, school districts and other community organizations to provide services for underprivileged children. All requests and appointments must be initiated by one of our authorized agencies. We do not accept fulfillment requests directly from families or individuals.

If you are in need of assistance, connect with your local agencies. If appropriate, they will reach out to Bloomin' Boutique.

If you are an agency and would like to explore a partnership with Bloomin' Boutique, contact Patti Serres (, 503.320.0789).

First Referral Request May Include:

  - 3 pants / 5 tops
  - 7 underwear *
  - 5 socks
  - 1 pair shoes
  - 1 jacket or hoodie
  - 1 backpack
  - toiletries

  * plus 1 bra for girls

Second Referral Request May Include:

  - 2 pants / 3 tops
  - 3 underwear
  - 3 socks
  - 1 pair shoes (limit 2 pair per child)
  - 1 jacket or hoodie (limit 1 per child)
  - 1 backpack (limit 1 per child)
  - toiletries


Policies and Procedures

  • Bloomin' Boutique is referral based. All requests and appointments must be initiated by one of our authorized community agencies; we do not accept fulfillment requests directly from families or individuals.

  • Our service area includes Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties.

  • School aged children must be registered in a school (K-12) within the districts we serve.

  • Under certain circumstances, we may be able to provide clothing for infants and under school aged children.

  • DHS requests are fulfilled one time only for those children transitioning into the foster care system, not those already in the system.

  • Only high school students may come to the boutique to "shop" along with their advocate, no parents are allowed; all other requests will be fulfilled by Bloomin' Boutique volunteers and must be picked up by the advocate.

  • During one-on-one appointments at Bloomin' Boutique, each high school youth must be accompanied by their advocate; on the rare occasion that the advocate is unable to come with the high schooler, special arrangements need to be made in advance so that two volunteers are present at the scheduled appointment.

  • Fulfillment forms must be completed by the advocate with regard to what a child needs, not wants, so that we can provide for as many children as possible.

  • Incomplete fulfillment forms will not be processed; provide official name of organization and complete all questions including sizes.

  • Review fulfillment form before submitting: If a requested item looks unusual (i.e., adult size 9 shoe for a 5 year old), it will not be fulfilled!

  • Fulfilled requests must be picked up within 3 business days or the items will be restocked and the request must be resubmitted.

  • While we strive to satisfy each child's requests, some substitutions/omissions may occur due to shortages/unavailability; brand specific items are generally not available; if a specific brand is requested and is not available, the request will not be substituted.

  • Any items that do not fit or work out for any reason must be returned to the Boutique to be exchanged for a similar item if available.

Questions about the Bloomin' Boutique? Contact Patti Serres, Executive Director ( 503.320.0789).

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