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Our Story

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Bloomin' Boutique is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving a hand up by providing new clothing, shoes, bedding and personal care items to underprivileged children, empowering them to become confident, constructive members of their communities.

Bloomin' Boutique provides foster and underprivileged youth new clothing and other items to the extent made possible by your generous donations. We cover boys and girls of all ages infant through 18 years. Using a referral process, we partner with other community organizations and agencies to provide these services; we do not accept fulfillment requests directly from families or individuals.

Bloomin' Boutique assists children at all phases of their lives. Bloomin' Baby provides starter packages including clothing, blanket, gift cards for diapers and formula to mom's with new babies. Our Summer Get-Away Package supports foster kids by providing sleeping bag, pillow, backpack, toiletries and summer clothes so they can truly enjoy their time at summer camp. Our Cap & Gown Assistance Program pays the bill to outfit high school graduates with their cap and gown so they can confidently celebrate this momentous occasion with their peers. Our Hand Up for Higher Education Program provides college scholarships to qualified high school seniors giving them the self-confidence to demand more of themselves and to succeed. Click here to see samples of our care packages.

Our store, aptly named Bloomin' Boutique, is open by appointment only to high school students accompanied by their advocate. Each high schooler receives the individual attention that they deserve. Upon entering this ever-changing emporium filled with beautiful clothes in all sizes, each high schooler "goes shopping", selecting and trying on the clothes of their choosing. These one-on-one shopping experiences are incredibly rewarding - both to the high schooler and the volunteers helping them with their choices! For some high schoolers, these are the first new clothes they have ever worn or the first shopping experience they have ever had. All other requests will be fulfilled by Bloomin' Boutique volunteers and must be picked up by the advocate.

For full description of our policies, click here.

Your donations make a difference!

Bloomin' Boutique always appreciates new clothing donations including shoes, socks, underwear, pajamas, pants, shirts, hoodies, coats, gloves, hats, dresses, skirts and scarves. Other items needed are backpacks, toiletries, bedding/pillows, toys/games and school supplies. Cash donations are used to purchase items we are short of - or special needs items such as larger sized shoes and clothing.

For more information about how and what you can donate, and where you can drop off your donations, click here or contact Patti at 503.320.0789 (


We believe all children deserve the opportunity to embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

At Bloomin' Boutique, our mission is to provide underprivileged children with the essential items they need, empowering them to thrive and become confident individuals.


Our Vision

Our vision is to create a community where every child has the opportunity to grow, learn, and succeed, regardless of their circumstances.

Our Board

Our Stories

Each of us has a story - an unforgettable life-changing event making such an impact that we never forget the feelings we experienced.

See that girl in the pink pants? That was me the first time I got to go shopping for something new - something I got to pick out for myself. In that moment, I could see beyond all that was going wrong - the mother I had lost, the father that did not have the skills to cope with four small children, the trail of domestic violence, the fear of foster care services looming at the door. In that moment, I felt confident to take on the world. In that moment, I was seen, I was important, I was loved.

Polka dots, black patent leather shoes, pink pants... whose story will YOU be a part of?


Patti Serres
Bloomin' Boutique, Founder

. . .

Thank you so much for quickly getting new clothing (and some toys!) for the family we recently placed in foster care. They needed clothing and were very particular to what they like, you accommodated that so well. The kids were so excited to receive the bags with their names on them and loved the items that were pulled for them. Thank you for spending extra time on the special requests, they really felt like someone was listening to what they like and also cared about getting them clothing that they love. It is something they have not been used to. The foster parents were also delighted and jumped for joy when they saw what the kids brought home. With all the other bills these kids came with, they haven't been able to get to the clothing piece for them. Not only are the kids safe, but they now feel cared for and get to feel excited about wearing their new clothes to school tomorrow. Thank you for everything you do. -Jennifer / DHS

Providing supportive services to families in need is a job full of many highs and lows. I can't express what a blessing it is to have the support of agencies like Bloomin' Boutique that are so willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. If I didn't have this connection I would have spent hours trying to acquire a fraction of the items that were gifted. The time that is saved by the support of Bloomin Boutique is time that I am able to spend parenting coaching and family advocacy. Words cannot express the appreciation I have for all involved with Bloomin' Boutique. The support given to our community is absolutely immeasurable but does not go unnoticed.


- Samantha / Northwest Family Services

Organizations like Bloomin' Boutique help to dismantle the stigmatization of low-income families. There is a common misconception that low and working class families revel in their poverty, and that they do not care about their appearance. This is not true. Organizations like yours help combat this negative stereotype by giving families and children the resources to care for themselves and to show others from various different social classes that they also value the concepts of self-care and positive self image.


- Roy / Housing Authority of Clackamas County

I am a case manager for Clackamas County have accessed Bloomin' Boutique clothing for clients with developmental disabilities. A 16 year old girl with an intellectual disability received pants and shoes last year. She enjoyed receiving new things to wear that fit her well. She has 3 siblings and her family struggles with monthly expenses in addition to having a difficult time finding clothes for a tall and slim teenager. Her parents appreciated the help! A 13 year old boy with Autism in Oregon City received his duffle bag and clothes in December. He has a very specific size and style of pants that fit him well and he received a pair that worked great along with some other clothing. His family struggles to buy things like clothes after spending extra money on food due to his dietary limitations and unexpected repairs on their home last year. An 8 year old girl with Autism just received her bag this week. Her family has a history of homelessness and her Dad struggles to care for her, work and pay bills, so not having to pay for things she needs like clothes, a jacket, socks, and shoes was such a relief for him. He is so grateful! Thanks for all that you do!


- Diane / Clackamas County Developmental Disabilities Program

Seeing the families faces when they receive the clothes for their children is priceless. Bloomin' Boutique has provided a sense of belonging to these families and their generous heart is felt among many. Our community is a much better one because of Bloomin' Boutique.


- Berenice / Healthy Families Oregon - Clackamas County

I often reach out to Patti when I have children that wear clothing sizes that are harder to find, like plus sizes. Patti is always very accommodating in finding the right sizes when she doesn't have it at the Bloomin' Boutique. I also referred a family with three children living with their mother who experiences physical and mental disabilities. Their father is in and out of prison. Patti helped the teen girl with her selections from the Bloomin' Boutique, then sent her home with clothing and bedding for her younger siblings. The Mom truly believes her daughter feels more confident when wearing her new clothes.


- Estefany / Northwest Family Services

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